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A67 Y681



       These peonies are named after Dr. Tiochi Itoh from Japan. From the early 1900’s he tried to cross the beauty of the tree peony with the hardiness of the herbaceous peony. After failing 20,000 times, Dr. Itoh finally succeeded in 1948 when he crossed Paeonia x lemoinei (a hybrid tree peony) with Paeonia lactiflora ‘Kakoden’ (a white flowered herbaceous peony). He was able to produce 36 seedlings. Some had more characteristics of the parent tree peony, whilst others had more characteristics of the herbaceous parent. They became known as ‘Inter-sectional’ hybrids because of the cross between section Moutan (tree peonies) and section Paeon (herbaceous peonies). The first flowers from  these seedlings bloomed in 1964. Unfortuantely Dr.Itoh never saw these blooms, as he had passed away in 1956.


     From the original 36 seedlings six were considered to be outstanding and in the late 1960’s an American horticulturist patented 4 of these hybrids as ‘Yellow Crown’, ‘Yellow Dream’, ‘Yellow Heaven’ and ‘’Yellow Emperor’.  In 1986 ‘Bartzella’ arrived. An improved yellow form of the original hybrids and sold for US $1,000 per single division. Thankfully they are much cheaper now due to tissue culture developments. Below are the varieties that we are offering for sale in 2013 and 2014.




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