Plant Supports

Our Plant Supports are made from British Steel and are olive-green powder coated which gives them an inconspicuous appearance. We offer them as Standard-width Arcs, Wide Arcs and as Twist-In Spirals.



Standard Arc - Short

          €4.50 or 3 for €11.25

40cm wide x 50cm high (5mm gauge)

Suggested use:  Shorter Michaelmas Daisies, Coreopsis, Sedum, Hemerocallis, Penstemon.


Standard Arc - Medium

          €5.95 each or 3 for €14.95

40cm wide x 75cm high (6mm gauge) 

Suggested use: Taller Michaelmas Daisies,

Paeonia, Dahlia, Crocosmia, Shasta Daisies.


Standard Arc - Tall

          €7.50 each or 3 for18.75

40cm wide x 100cm high (6mm gauge) 

Suggested use: Delphiniums, Helianthus, Taller Herbaceous Plants



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WIDE ARCS - 54cm Wide


Wide Arc -Medium

          €6.95 each or 3 for €17.50

54cm wide x 65cm high (6mm gauge)

Suggested use: Papaver orientale, Euphorbia, Crocosmia, Paeonia, Dahlia, Lupin,



Wide Arc - Tall (Heavy Gauge)

          €10.95 each or 3 for €27.50

54cm wide x 115cm high (8mm gauge)

Suggested use: Roses, Hydrangea, Miscanthus, Bamboo


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Twist-In Spiral - Medium

          €8.95 each or 3 for €22.50

38cm diam. x 64cm high (6mm gauge)

Suggested use: New England Asters, Lupin, Grasses, Penstemon


Twist-In Spiral - Tall

          €9.95 each or 3 for €24.95

47cm dia. x 100cm high (6mm gauge)

Suggested use: Miscanthus, Bamboo, Leucanthemum, Campanula, Centaurea

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