Tricyrtis formosana

Toad Lily

Slow spreading, clump-forming rhizomatous perennial with hairy stems & leaves. Bears erect, funnel-shaped, purplish-pink heavily spotted white flowers with purple stigmas, from late summer to mid-autumn. Ideal for woodland. Fully Hardy. Full or Part Shade. Moist but well drained soil.

Height 80cm Spread 60cm.

2 litre pot.

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Tricyrtis macropoda

Common name of toad lily is in reference to the spotting on each flower. Toad lilies are valued garden plants because of their unique flowers, their ability to flower in shade. Small, lily-like, white to pale lavender flowers (2 to 3cm long) with heavy purple spotting bloom in branched terminal clusters from August onwards. Prefers moist fertile slightly acidic soils in part to full shade.

Height 75cm Spread 50cm.

2 litre pot.

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Co. Wicklow 


A67 Y681


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